La promo 2016 fait sa rentrée !

20 septembre 2015
La promo 2016 a fait sa rentrée le 1er septembre 2015 !

Ananda KAUTZ (MM06), Product manager, ING bank (Luxembourg)

30 juin 14

Ananda, please talk about yourself and your educational background


I’m Brazilian and always enjoyed travelling, discovering new cultures, habits and people. I went to Montreal in Canada to study Business Administration at Concordia University and came to France for an exchange program at ESSEC Business School. After acquiring my B.A. degree, I did internships in marketing in Paris during one-year while applying to the Master’s degree in Marketing at Paris Dauphine University.


What was important for you when you decided to do a Master’s degree ?

After my B.A., I wanted to specialise myself in the marketing field and a master’s degree was the best solution because it is more specific than the MBA (much shorter and less expensive too !) and recognised worldwide.

The most important criteria for me when deciding to which master apply were :

  • The recognition of the degree in France and abroad. The Master 2 Marketing of Paris Dauphine was, and continues to be, ranked among the best in France and benefits from an international reputation.
  • The program. I checked out on the Internet what the different programs and I appreciated the fact that the Master 2 Marketing of Paris Dauphine included practical internships, which are very valuable experiences to add on the résumé. I also checked out the courses offered and the profile of professors.
  • The duration of the program. I was tempted by applying to the master in marketing at “Science Po”, however this was a 2-year program, and I was already eager to start working ! The Master 2 Marketing of Paris Dauphine is a one-year full-time (very busy) program.
  • The location. Being located in a city like Paris was a very enriching personal experience and facilitated my internship and job search.
  • The cost of the program. Paris Dauphine University was one of the few institutions offering a highly praised master’s degree in Marketing at a very fair cost.
  • The language. I was looking for a master that would be partially thought in English as I was more comfortable writing in English at that time, and also wanted to keep practicing orally. About 20% of the courses offered in the Master 2 Marketing of Paris Dauphine were in English or required English reading.


How did you find the information on the different masters to which you applied ?

First I looked at the French ranking of best masters in marketing. Then, I got informed on the criteria above for each university/ business school through the Internet/ online brochures.


How did you find your internships and was it difficult ?

In France there are many internship offers in specialised job-search websites (monster, iquesta, cadresonline, optioncarriere,…), mainly for long-term internships (6 months). Coming from Dauphine it was really not difficult to find this type of internship at a multinational. Concerning the “commercial” internship, which is much shorter (1 month), some people think it is a bit more difficult to find. In my case I just called the headquarters of a list of companies I was interested in, explained my situation and sent my résumé. I found very quickly a remunerated internship at Louis Vuitton without having ever worked in a store before ! Speaking fluently English and/or other foreign languages will be very helpful.


When you graduated and was looking for a job, how recruiters perceived your profile ? Thinking back, what did you appreciate in the Master 2 Marketing of Paris Dauphine ?

I must say that even before finishing my master I had got a job offer in Paris, but I decided to move to Luxembourg and started with an internship which resulted in a job. The recruiters really appreciated my educational and international background, as well as the internships I have done and the marketing study I conducted for L’Oreal during my master.

When I think back, I realize that the things I have learned at Dauphine are very useful in my day-to-day job life, not only the marketing principles and business cases we worked on, but also the “stress management”, the demand for first-quality deliverables, and critical-thinking capabilities. I’m very grateful to having had the opportunity to be part of 2006’s promotion of the Master 2 Marketing at Paris Dauphine, and strongly recommend it. So, now it’s your turn to try your chance !!!