La promo 2016 fait sa rentrée !

20 septembre 2015
La promo 2016 a fait sa rentrée le 1er septembre 2015 !

Jinghua HUANG (MM07)

30 juin 14

As a graduate of this Master Program, I would like to share my own experience with you, future candidates, especially regarding "rumours".


As a graduate of this exceptional Master Program, I would like to share my own experience with you, future candidates, especially regarding certain "rumours".

I will begin by introducing myself to you :

My name is Jinghua HUANG and I am Chinese. I previously worked in Public Finance for a period of 3 years as an Administrative Manager for a local government in China. I then decided to learn French in France and to also to think deeply about what exactly I wanted in my life (quite a big question !).

The answer is simply that I want to be happy, and be able to do whatever, whenever I want.

Now, turning to these "rumours"...


Firstly : ‘I should speak perfect French before applying for this Master’

True : Courses are both in French and English. Even in a study group, it is essential to be able to discuss the subject with others. The same applies when we need to do written reports.

Perhaps, we can understand it in this way : in a Language School, French is rarely taught as a special domain. Think of the situation in our own country : when we go to college, it is quite normal that we are not familiar with all the jargons in our major !

My mother tongue is Mandarin. I studied 3 months in Beijing, then 2 months in Grenoble on a French intensive course. And now, there is no language barrier to communication with my colleagues in the marketing department.


Secondly, ‘this Master program has as much quantitative courses as qualitative, more softer ones’

True : this program prepares us to work either as a product manager or market researcher. The famous ‘mission’, which takes place from January to June, was a ‘serious headache’ for everyone. We need to make our own decisions based on our own analysis for a real case. As it concerns the result, we no longer have a ’fear’ of this kind of research. We should master these techniques at every step of the process.

Perhaps we can understand it in this way : today’s marketing job is not only to find ideas to promote products or services, but also to find an efficient way to do so. Analysis is a must. Furthermore, not only do we need to be able to deal with databases, but also a lot of other capabilities are required in the workplace (or current market). For example, communications, computing, foreign languages, and knowledge in a particular culture.


Moreover, ‘it’s not the same situation for us foreign students to find a long-term contract job, compared to our French classmates’

True : the awareness of culture is one of the key competences to be successful in marketing. If a firm wants to launch products or services in France, a well prepared French person would be perfect. This is to say that everyone is unique. We need to find the right place to start our career. Perhaps we can understand it in this way : especially in Paris, 70% of citizens are not of French origin. The mixed culture (or multi-culture) requires marketers to fully understand diversified cultures, which opens up opportunities for foreign students.

Personally, I am applying for a long-term job in Paris for a multinational company. One of the most important elements to persuade the employer to hire me is my multi-cultural educational background. Also, the most attractive advantage for the company is that I would be able to help the China-Zone at the headquarters in France.


Finally, as a foreign student, here are some useful tips :

  1. Concentrate on the program, which is very intensive. That means, settle down as early as possible and try not to waste time on part time jobs just to earn money. I used to do several things at the same time (last year, when I was in Maîtrise Economie appliquée, I learnt English and oil painting all year long). But this year, 500 hours of courses, plus 3 internships and all those reports (and parties) in 15 months keeps me very busy on a full time basis.
  2. Foreign students with work experience have often ‘advantages’ in terms of their age and my classmates will never exceed me on this point ! Don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn, all experiences in life are treasures, and worth sharing with classmates.

And last, but not least...


Market yourself !

Jinghua HUANG, Master Marketing Dauphine, Promotion 2006-2007