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20 septembre 2015
La promo 2016 a fait sa rentrée le 1er septembre 2015 !

Kristina SIMONOVA (MM08), Responsable export Asian Market, Hermès

30 juin 14

My name is Kristina. I am Russian and I am proud of being the first Russian student at Dauphine Marketing Master.


My background

I have been studied in France for more than ten years. After receiving the French "baccalauréat" diploma, I entered EPSCI business school which makes part of ESSEC Group. This school is specialized in international trade giving a possibility of learning 3 foreign languages, studing abroad for one semester or a whole year and doing several internships during the studies. The only problem was that EPSCI offered a global business knowledge without real specialization in one specific field. That is the reason why I decided to apply for Marketing Master at Dauphine University in order to acquire strong theoretical and practical skills in Marketing.


My choice

Today, I can be certain of having done a right choice. This programm allowed me to discover Marketing as a real science and showed its usefullness at every stage of Product Management. An important emphasis is put on Marketing Studies which require having a good basis in statistics and dealing with data processing hardwares, such as SAS or SPSS.

Moreover, all these tools are useful and necessary since you conduct a marketing study which is the core mission of the programm. This mission consists in offering a consulting service to a company by answering to its particular marketing issue.

At the beginning, it seems to be hard to conduct a real marketing study by your own. But it enables you to have a strong self organisation, a great sense of responsibility and so much self satisfaction when the job is done.

Globally, I would say that the Master’s programm is rather tough. You have to handle with numerous courses, case studies, different researches for the mission and the final internship. But there is no doubt that this Master deserves all the efforts you make during the year.


My internship

Today, I am doing my internship at Hermès. I always wanted to work in the luxury sector. There was no opportunity to work in the Marketing Department at Hermès for a simple reason that the company doesn’t have one. So I applied for an intership at Export Department.

I am in charge of supplying the Hermès clients all over the world. Started by the European market, I worked then on the United States area and today I am dealing with Asian market with 8 countries under my responsability.

I am preparing expeditions for Taiwan, Singapore, China, Indonesia, South Korea, etc. as each country has its specific customs procedures. Moreover, Hermès makes use of a big quantity of exotic leather (crocodile, ostrich, lizard, etc). Such articles require particular licences from the French Ministry of Environment and from the Paris Chamber of commerce and industry (CCI) before being exported. Juggling between these constraints from both sides of the logistic chain is my main responsability.

And I will remain on this position after my internship as I have already accepted a job offer from Hermès before the end of my internship.


Any advice ?

I would like to suggest to Marketing Master actual and futur students to take advantage from every course and every work. This progamm offers a large range of lectures given by highly qualified teachers, who for the most of them, are still working or have worked in the field they are teaching.

So concentrate all your efforts on this year and they will be rewarded once you begin your working life !